Do You Own Real Estate That You Want To Sell?

Gateway Funding Can help!

An Offer That Works For You!

You can move fast with wholesale pricing or

maximize your return with our “Fix and Sell” option.

Let us know if you want a quick turnaround for cash on your property and we’ll provide you with the type of wholesale pricing you’d see from other “cash buyers.” However, if you want maximum return on your transaction you can select our “fix and sell” option (financed by us) to give you maximum retail return in your area. This generally gives you back about double what a wholesales price would allow.

There are three ways Gateway Funding can serve you:

We can buy your property quickly and easily.
If you want to sell your property fast, Gateway Funding can make you a full cash offer. We routinely work with people who are behind on their taxes and property maintenance. Call us or fill out the form on this page and we’ll we’ll give you an offer on your property and a free report explaining one scenario of the difference between wholesale and retail pricing and your return on a typical transaction.

We help you fund and fix up your property to sell.
You can partner with Gateway Funding to fix up and sell your property. We’ll provide the funds and the expertise to fix up and sell your property for maximum return on the transaction and then split the profits between us. This works for people who are not in a hurry for cash.

We give advise on how to fund and fix by yourself.
If you are new to buying and selling property we can advise you on how to get the most for your property. Use this option if you have the funds to make your property shine before you go to market. Gateway Funding is here to help you get a great deal.

Gateway Funding is currently looking for properties in your area and we want to let you know how much money you’ll receive through working with us. Simply fill out the form on this page or give us a call at 1 800-825-1297.

Our Team

Gateway Funding is an investment and funding company in Santa Rosa, California. We specialize in helping people fix up their homes to receive top dollar on their transactions. We are also happy to make you a cash offer so you can sell your house quickly “as-is.” We are proud to be able to go beyond what other “cash buyers” can do for you in the market.

The Promise of Gateway Funding
Gateway Funding promises to work with you to help you sell your property in the best way for YOU! This may take the form of selling your property quickly and easily or it may involve us helping you to fund and fix your property to sell, or we can advise you on how to fund and fix your property yourself.  We are happy to work with you in any way you choose.

Three Ways to Connect with Us
Call us at: 800-825-1297
If we happen to be on the other line we’ll get back with you as soon as possible. Many thanks for your patience.
Email us at: [email protected]
In your email please tell us what you think your property is worth, how much you’d be willing to sell for, and if you have a selling date in mind.
Fill out the form on this page and we’ll get back to you within one business day.
Please fill in all sections with your best estimate or guess. In addition, we’ll send you a FREE Report explaining a likely scenario for us to make an agreement on how to fix and sell your property and how this differs from selling “as-is.”

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